Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage button sweater

Collections... Sometimes you have a collection that you love that you can't imagine actually using.  My grandma's vintage linens are like this for me, I am fine wearing her jewelry, but gorgeous lace tablecloths actually put on the table... I'm not there yet.
Buttons are a collection that can be beautiful in storage and in use.  I love my little button jars, all the different colors and patterns, sorting them out to find the perfect little accent for jewelry or a project. 
Another sweater from Target (surprise, surprise). Vintage shell buttons 
replaced the original plain brown buttons. 
Eventually, I figured out these were shoe buttons, like these I found on ArtFire
  Maybe they originally were from a pair of boots like these vintage Victorian boots
Problem: The little gap near the waistline always bothered me.
Solution: It just needed MORE buttons!!!!!
I love how doubling the number of the buttons solved the gaping problem 
and beautifully refers back to the original source of the buttons. 

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