Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self-Portrait Saturday #6

Cutting it close today . . .

Photography and typing all in one (super efficient)!

Luckily you can not see how dirty my fingernails are!  I've been in the garden for the past few days getting ready to plant some seeds, sifting three wheelbarrows of compost, cleaning out the chicken coop, and looking for free plants, paver bricks, and even more compost on craigslist.

 I am reading Gaia's Garden, rereading actually, and finding so many great ideas.  I wish I had the time, energy and money to do half of them.  Hopefully after implementing more permaculture ideas, spring gardening won't be so much back-achey work.

I'll be back to more crafty stuff later this week.  

Where ever you are: enjoy the sun, be grateful for the rain.

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