Saturday, March 13, 2010

Self-Portrait Saturday

Not my original idea, tagging along here with the wonderful Nina Bagley, whose blog Ornamental is a constant source of inspiration.  The idea of posting a photo of me, taken at sometime during the week, can't guarantee it will be Friday or Saturday (I'm just not that into schedules), really makes me kind of nausaeous.

So this is me, late afternoon, no makeup, happy.

Making a new pair of earrings to wear to the Stephenson School Auction tonight - tiger eye, jade and pearl maybe.  

have a great weekend


  1. Happy to see beautiful you! xoxo

  2. Nice smile! Nice to see YOU!

    And guess what came in the mail SAT??

    YOU ARE AWESOME!! My name on the package, I love it almost as much as the gift inside!!

    I posted a few pics on my blog, and will also post pics after Wed's wearing!!

    Thanks so much Deborah! Amazing gift!!