Saturday, March 20, 2010

Self-Portrait Saturday #2

This week flew by, mach speed.  Wow!  This coming week is Spring break... of course, we will be going abroad, lounging on the beach.... NOT!  But even though fancy vacations are not in the picture, I love school breaks.  I love letting the kids sleep in, I love having somewhat more free days, away from the 8:30/3:05 grind, I love the potential of getting some projects done. (wish me luck!)   I hope to work on a lot of photography this week, clean my house (unending), and do some fun activities with the kids, maybe go rollerblading.

Me, Saturday morning.  What is that awful thing I'm wearing?  That is my "woogie," technical term, you know.  It's an ancient fleece hooded cardigan that is my at-home robe/sweater/uniform.  It is not at all stylish, but it works for me.  I try really, REALLY hard not to ever wear it outside the house, but sometimes I forget. 

Anyone else doing the self-portrait "thang"?  Leave a link so we can encourage each other to keep it up! 

I am not at all used to having my picture taken.  I've never felt that I was photogenic, so this is a difficult task for me.  But doing what scares you or makes you uncomfortable helps you grow and learn - many other people have said that so much more eloquently, but you get the drift.

have a great weekend everyone. 

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