Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Accept the Universe...

with all its mysteries 
There is joy
to be found
in the mundane
and the sublime.

This painting hangs in my studio, opposite my desk, always in view.  I developed the saying when I moved to Oregon - it was a huge life change - and the painting took almost a whole year for me to complete.  The start of the saying was inspired by one of my college textbooks, Accepting the Universe, by John Burroughs.  Going back and re-reading it I realized it was even more powerful that I remembered.  Burrough's reaffirms my belief that everything is connected.  The idea of living holistically, that all your decisions are connected and express your values and your spirit. 

What do you want to say to the world today?


  1. Good Morning! I just stopped by today to say "I SEE you." Thank you for putting your art --and your heart!--out into the world.

  2. Great piece to admire and be inspired by...

    what do I want to tell the world today?

    Always go for love-Never stop! It is worth it,
    no matter the fear, trust in love!