Sunday, February 28, 2010

New book that I can't wait to read...

Doesn't it just look inspiring?  It has always been important to me to define myself as an artist,  and one wonderful thing that shows me I've succeeded is that my children say, "My mom is an artist."  It used to be "My mommy makes good art." LOVE THAT!

But one thing that has been difficult for me to do is to incorporate my kids into my creativity.  Not to yell "I'm working..."  "Just let me finish this: stitch, background, cutting, whatever."  "Isn't there a new Ben 10 on the DVR?"  (I know I am so bad, TV as babysitter, rotting their brains...)  Now that Aeryn is 8 and Ethan will be 10 in May, their patience and skill level have improved enough that some collaboration might be possible.

Hopefully, Shona Cole's  The Artistic Mother will point my in that direction.  If you've picked it a copy already, let me know what you think. If you'd like turn learn more about the book, and upcoming chances to win your own copy check out her  blog  An artful Life.


  1. oooooo, never heard of that magazine. I'll have to check it out! Cool! xoxo

  2. hopefully the book will help! I wrote down all the things I do to make art happen in my house full of kids. I made the commitment to not take time from being a good mom to do art, but also to not let being busy with kids be an excuse not to do art. it is a constant search for balance! but worth the effort!
    thanks for mentioning my book here.