Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleaned up a little, then made another mess

So after posting my craft room/studio pictures I FINALLY moved my rolling cart out of the hallway.  Hooray!  But I am still left with 3 vintage suitcases that need a spot.  The vacuum cleaner is back in its spot in the hallway...  maybe it needs one of those silly doll covers, or not.

I just reviewed Ricë Freeman-Zachery's book Creative Time and Space.  And one of the important points she makes is that you can make art ANYWHERE - a tiny desk like Theo Ellsworth, an upgrade from his backpack, or a travel suitcase and hotel room like Traci Bautista or a fully appointed studio.

I'm somewhere in between, but my physical space is taking a huge chunk of time away from creating.  Admittedly, I should focus on one thing at a time, finish one project and move on to the next, but whether that is a self-sabotage or just the way I am.  But I really do find it inspiring to move between house, jewelry, paper, fabric.

Do you have a project list?

Right now, in process, that I want to work on, I have:

A canvas for Aeryn's room...

 She's 7, and this is a collaboration.  Hopefully I will feel it's finished soon and put it up.

Be more Fabulous canvas - submit to CPS

 Fuzzy picture, sorry.  This is just the very 1st layout - it needs to be over the top, silly, fun, glittery goodness!

Reupolster wing chair

 The blue velvet is only one option (all of which have to be from the fabrics I already own), the arm cushion needs to be re-attached.  Oh, and there's a matching footstool.

Select and hang pictures for Art Wall

 Freshly painted with my happy blue paint (mixed from Ethan's bedroom - bright blue- and Dylan's office - muted blue, with a touch of the stairwell - soft mint/moss green).  Check out the 2010 Pantone colors! I think this is in between Turquoise and Amparo Blue.

Art Bead Scene January challenge

Monet "Magpie"  Love this painting!  Need to make a necklace inspired by it!

My primary problem is that my Painting table and my Sewing table are one and the same. So instead of shifting everything around again, I sit at my desk - which I am so NOT taking a picture of - and blog/bitch about it all.

Of course this isn't the whole project list, only the top priorities. So I need to pick one to do... first... right now... 

Which will it be?   Wait and see!

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