Saturday, December 26, 2009

A project finished!

 Finally!  Uploaded the photos of my altered sweater.  I love wearing this, it makes me feel like a princess.  My process of attaching wovens to knits needs a little more work, as stitching in the gathers prevents the bottom edge of the sweater from stretching.  Luckily it doesn't need to!

Here in living color (slightly overexposed I think - sorry) ...  Do you see my other work in progress, draped on the chair?  A denim journal skirt inspired by RicĂ« Freeman-Zachary.  I think it will have a fleur-de-lis theme with lots of stamping, metallics and ribbon, like the O, my Heart! skirt.  My daughter wants me to make her one with a black skull.  My little Goth princess!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Halloween is my most favorite holiday, hands down,  it's just plain fun for me, and if I don't make it perfect, Who cares?  It's Halloween. 

Christmas is another matter entirely.  Kids love Christmas - the idea of Christmas - and Santa and presents and lights.  I know I did.  But now I struggle with a sense of crushing obligation and inauthenticity.  I could get into the whole religious dilemma of my household here, but honestly I think the "stuff" and commercialism bothers me more.  If you've found a way to balance the commercialism of Santa with Christ's humble birth that you find meaningful and do-able, please share.

One of my favorite blogs Voodoo Lounge is doing a series on making room for creativity in your life, and her post on "getting rid of stuff" is really sticking with me.  And I'm applying it to my Christmas decorations, too.  All of the fake pine wreaths and garlands (some with fake snow, even)... gone.  Red bows, Santa figurines, and boxes of floral picks will go in the massive garage sale/Goodwill pile as I come across them.  Think of it as garage insulation for the unusually cold season.   Already the season seems a little brighter,  it certainly will be lighter.

Another great blog I love is Magpie Girl, and she has a great post about the holidays here.  You,  ME, get to decide what creates our holiday traditions.  And it's okay if they change as we change.  Language changes, religion changes, life changes.

Are you making any changes to your holiday traditions this year?  I hope they are joyful changes that rekindle your spirit and inspire you for the coming year.