Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween "fire goddess" dress

The theme for this year's Halloween was supposed to be Phantom of the Opera, but then in August I had my hair done with gorgeous red streaks (Thank you, Chica!) and the concept changed to match the hair, which is now faded anyway. In honor of the red streaks, I wanted to do FIRE, so then Dyl needed a costume to coordinate, and what could be more perfect than Fire and Ice, Opposites Attract.It's your basic bridesmaid dress, purchased at Brides Against Breast Cancer charity sale. Starting with a pre-made dress and a red dress saved me so much time from spray painting my old white prom dress or constructing a new bodice from scratch.First step, cut out the lining and crinoline at mid-thigh, pin up drape, remove rhinestone accent, and cut jagged edges to be the flames.Then I added a new crinoline of red sparkle tulle to the remaining lining. And crinolines of orange tulle, part loosely gathered and at the slit, tightly gathered for volume. I sewed the orange tulle on folded (machine gathered long edge, fold edge at bottom) and then hand cut the fold apart into flames. The extra scraps were made into flame poofs along with scrap yellow tulle from Aeryn's 3 year old belle costume.The long side drape was pinned various ways and then finally stitched up with more flame poofs tucked in. And I added a red velvet "strap" and a vintage rhinestone pin. The side is accented with a flame sequin applique.
Look, Momo in my pictures ^~^ as always.

Next up... the accessories, and maybe I'll work on making the Ice man look cool too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Charming Exchange Auction

Maybe you don't obsessively read jewelry making books and magazines and blogs like me, but you should definitely check out A Charming Exchange.

Fabulous book, amazing photos, great techniques, tons of inspiration. Listed right now on eBay are the actual pieces from the book, which are being auctioned for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Several of the creators and collaborators in the book are breast cancer survivors and share their stories.

Jewelry-making, self-image, meditation, process, healing, inspiring, giving ... how often do all of these elements come together so clearly.

Check out the charity auction on eBay. Search for A Charming Exchange or Susan G. Komen and check back, new pieces are put on all the time!

But don't bid on this one! I really want it!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Trick or Trick 2009 Ghouls Guild on ArtFire

TRICK OR TREAT 2009: Scavenger Hunt

Do you want to win one of the fabulous prizes donated by the Ghouls Guild?! If so, you'll want to participate in our scavenger hunt!!!!

We promise that the scavenger hunt isn't too hard, and it's super fun!

You have until the end of Trick or Treat 2009 (Oct 13th) to complete the scavenger hunt.

Psst... To help you out, check out the right side of our blog that lists all the Ghouls Guild members! This list will prove to be a huge help in answering the questions on the scavenger hunt!

Good luck everyone!

Happy Haunting... urr.. I mean Hunting! mouhaha!!