Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Has it really been a month...

Seriously, I hate how time just seems to speed up every single year of my life. So what have I been up to for the last few weeks? ATCs - love them so much FUN!!! Thanks, Tam! Art Literacy - drawing with the kids and learning about Degas, class samples for summer art classes at Joann's, tearing up the house and putting new floors in the bedroom - Pergo Olivewood - so beautiful.

But what happens when you improve ONE thing? You look around and say "Oh, I guess we need to repaint," "Hey honey, why don't you fix the outlet?" "Oooh, let's move the furniture!" "Ooops, we need new drapes since I'm facing the window now!" A wonderful project to start out a whole year's worth of new projects.

Tomorrow, my goal is to take some photos of my garden. Perfection is so far away, but everyday something rewarding is happening. My tiny butterfly rose has flowers half its size... Adorable. My 75% off lilies from Fred Meyer are going strong. And 2 out of 4 apples have tiny fruits, and I have 2 plums! In truth, the squirrels will probably get them before mid-July, just like the figs. I wish they would just eat the whole fruit though.. oh well. Tiny squirrel brains!

Hope you are finding inspiration in your corner of the world.

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