Friday, April 24, 2009

ArtFire goodies

These amazing buttons are from Handmade Treasures by djstoreroom, another fabulous vendor on ArtFire. Along with vintage buttons, Diana makes adorable zippered pouches and purselets, and she offers tutorials as well.

Silver River Jewelry offers exquisite designs of stone and metal and some vintage styles with modern techniques that totally rock. I love this Crocheted Copper Wire Victorian Style Bracelet. Here is why: it's wire crochet - I can't crochet , just not my thing, it's copper - my favorite metal, it has black ribbon - love that, it has a black and floral cameo. Darling Dylan, if you're reading this, please remember me for Mother's Day.

Creative Cove Jewelry Designs offers elegant and casual jewelry for all occasions. This blue topaz briolette pendant is combined with bali style beads, teal swarovski crystals, and twisted pale aqua quartz beads with silver chain. Love this color, like the sky, robin's eggs, Easter eggs, cotton candy, yummy springtime goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

ArtFire Spotlight on ...

I think I have Spring Fever! But I can get out and garden now thanks to my very helpful allergist, "Take more medicine." Not a solution for hives, but at least it's something.

Accessories by GottjoyThis gorgeous beadwoven spiral necklace by Joyce of Accessories by Gottjoy is a steal at $52.00 (with a sterling clasp!). I imagine wearing this with simple white top and linen pants. The weather is so beautiful here. The turquoise beads are just so perfect for spring and summer. She has other neat beaded objects, including wine stoppers with lampworked beads.

You have got to love Shine Your Hiney Soap - if only for the name alone - if not for her fabulous selection of soap, lotions and .... SUGAR SCRUB. If you have sensitive skin and the generic salt scrubs at the drugstore don't work for you, sugar scrub is a great alternative - no stinging and burning. You can even choose your own scent. 4 oz. of custom scented sugar scrub is only $6:50.Enjoy the amazing spring weather if you're in my part of the world.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spotlight on ArtFire artists

Check out these fabu shops on ArtFire after your Easter craziness is done.

Picard Creative
She makes really cool retro magnets with great vintage images and all kinds of funky sayings.

Alisun'sExquisite jewelry using Swarovski crystals with sterling and gold-filled findings. I love this jet black briolette set. And Alisuns is having 15% off sale until Mother's Day.

Hope everyone is having a joyous and sweet Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


My heart is in the garden, my hands busy with beads and wire, my head makes lists and notes of all else that is not to be forgotten... and I wonder why my voice forgets to sing.

I miss the moments of utter peace and clarity I remember (or mis-remember) from the past, in childhood, as a student, before "Real Life." There is still joy, but I remember when music just came from inside of me and I wonder how to get it back... Maybe the peace I remember from my youth was just unawareness of the complexity and choices and value of life.

I sometimes (okay, often) criticize myself for a lack of self-awareness or self-knowledge, but maybe that's not accurate or fair. Faceted, fractured, inconstant, twisted... like a braid, maybe...

Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning... the memory of spontaneous singing... the hives keeping me out of my garden... the piles of projects in my studio... the metalwork jewelry class I need to get dressed to go to this morning...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More ArtFire Goodness...

The Jewelry Shop at ArtFire has gorgeous vintage and hand-crafted jewelry. The pin above "Sisters and a Bird" is vintage resin - looks like cameo, but that pink color is amazing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful spring weather is making me long for flowers. I love calla lilies, they are so majestic... the thick white petals seem almost too perfect to be real. But I don't have a spot for them in my tiny garden. So a needle-felted brooch will have to do. Visit Caterpillar Peacock to see more amazing cuteness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cool stuff from ArtFire

If I had these last month I'd have better photos up. Seriously! I take my photos on the back deck and it was cold. These are by Pirate Pixie Crew - she's out of England and makes tons of cool hats, leg warmers and my faves - the fingerless gloves. So if anyone wants to get me an early Christmas gift, check her out. Or... I suppose you could buy something for yourself. Enjoy.