Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My lovely chickens...

Jesse, Stripey, Sweetie and Little Red are so happy free ranging in the garden and hunting for bugs and worms. They love to scratch up all my leaf piles for future garden beds. Chickens are happy creatures.And then, it's on to the deck to visit their Chicken Mommy/Rooster... me, the one with the food. "Hi, do you have any treats for us? Can we come in? Corn, please!" What you can't see is the reaction of the resident cats, Toni and Momo, who were sitting right next to me, watching these interlopers very carefully.

Life may be crazy, the car has to go into the shop today, there are dishes multiplying exponentially as I'm typing... FOR REAL... and I have piles of horrendous laundry waiting... to wash... to fold... to ignore... as I try to plan out a day that accomplishes something fulfilling. That is the constant struggle and question, isn't it?

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