Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jewelry for Stephenson Auction

Part of a gift basket for my niece's school auction. My sister is putting together quite a few really cool things (other than what I have here, of course). Enjoy!

Silver and Gold, one for you and one for a girlfriend, or both for you, depending on your mood. The black beads are vintage, quite possibly jet, and not 1970 vintage, but great-grandmother
Eva vintage, so most likely pre-1940. The small crystal disks are from the same era. I will probably cry when I use them all up, but they are just the most perfectly versatile little beads.

Two microscope slide necklaces with vintage image reproductions, "Oui ou No?" above is highlighted with gold and has a reverse image of the Eiffel Tower. Both are on silky black cord with silver magnetic clasps. The necklace below is highlighted with silver and alcohol inks with a transparency image. And the final contribution... a wine charm with an image of a palace (think fairy tales and chick flicks) for a lovely bottle of wine for two friends to share.

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  1. Hey, I thought I commented on these already? Well, I love them. I especially like the last little slide on the pink. So pretty! I have a Kreative Blogger award for you. Come over and get it when you get a chance. xoxo