Monday, February 9, 2009

The usual Frustrations

I need to take photos for Etsy. I have very little confidence in my photography abilities, so I tend to put this off. I am also stumped on my Somerset Studio submission for "Sisterhood." I love working on the themes but I get discouraged and can't finish on time. And the project I started I now wanted to go in a new direction with - it feels too "scrapbooky" and it would make a fabulous jewelry holder.

here is a project that is complete and feels somewhat finished and successful, especially since it is a reworking of an earlier piece. my own recycling, yay!
This necklace is for my mom. I am going to send it to her this week. I have no idea if she'll like it at all. Hope so.

My constant studio companion, Momo, is bugging me!!!! At this exact moment she is on my bead mat, instead of the keyboard. Off to fight the losing cat battle.

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  1. Very Beautiful Necklace! I don't know how you do it but it is simply wonderful!