Friday, February 27, 2009

Golden eggs in a copper nest... a pin

I was going to write about the jewelry sets for the Stephenson Elementary School Auction, but the chickens are squawking so loudly at the squirrels, I thought the nest was more appropriate.

Before making my first nest, I researched through all my books- French-Inspired Jewelry especially, and issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I found mine took much more wire than recommended. I've also mixed metals - 18 gauge copper and 20 g. gold-tone craft wire. The dyed fresh-water pearls are from Bodacious Beads, wired on with 26 g. copper, and the pinback is wired on with the ends of the nest wire.

I love how the metal nest is all interconnected... its weight... the shine of the copper which will patina over time... the mix of metals - always one of my favorites.

The kids still remember all the real birds' nest we found when we took the Christmas lights out of the huge pine tree near our driveway in New York. Ethan was four and Aeryn was only two. We "rescued" - as in knocked them out with the lights - 4 nests and saved them for the whole summer until we moved, then we returned them into the woods. The circle of life must continue... feed the soil, into the tree, its twigs and branches the materials and support of a new nest.

These metal nests brought this memory back for them so clearly. If I ever doubted the power of jewelry, this would prove its value - of connections, of history, of memories, of families. All of the objects made by our hands are imbued with so much power far beyond their beauty or function.

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