Friday, February 6, 2009

. . . dusty old things and shiny new things

This is Amanda, say hello to Amanda. She belonged to my Mom and I've had her for many years. At the moment she is living on my nightstand in her "Spooky" bridal gown. It's not really spooky, but that's what I dressed her in for Halloween. Amanda only changes outfits a few times a year. She's easy on the laundry, unlike Ethan, Aeryn, Dylan, me, the cats, the rags from the Art Lit room.This is my old, sad computer. I could post several more photos of its many misfortunes but it's cruel to taunt it. 2 year olds and laptops - NOT perfect together. So now I can type and load pics onto a shiny new-to-me computer. I feel like I have finally got a chance to be part of the blogging world. Woo hoo!

This is my driveway a few afternoons ago. It was warm enough, all the neighborhood kids were playing war, it was so loud "Retreat, retreat!" I was working on some jewelry, not yet having to think about dinner. Life is busy and crazy and purty darn good right now.

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