Sunday, January 18, 2009

Necklaces - old and old in progress

"Shine Forth Strong" went missing. I think I donated this necklace for a school auction. If so, I hope went to a good home. It had a vellum image of a vintage car, sheer gold flecked ribbon, alcohol inks, vintage text from The Spirit of American Sculpture, and mirror tiles. I love the sparkle of the mirror tiles. This also would have made a nice rearview mirror charm.

This necklace is "untitled" and I really want to rework it. I love the concepts but it doesn't hang as smoothly as I would like. The slide really shows my process of using mistakes - the wire-wrap crown covers damage to the transparency from patina or too much heat or both. I love that. The crystal button at the bottom has gone - structurally unsound. So I'm glad I wore this one and didn't donate it. Now I can add a different charm. Maybe this should be split into 2 necklaces but I really want to work with the multistrands and mixing or maybe it just needs more. So many choices!!

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