Saturday, December 26, 2009

A project finished!

 Finally!  Uploaded the photos of my altered sweater.  I love wearing this, it makes me feel like a princess.  My process of attaching wovens to knits needs a little more work, as stitching in the gathers prevents the bottom edge of the sweater from stretching.  Luckily it doesn't need to!

Here in living color (slightly overexposed I think - sorry) ...  Do you see my other work in progress, draped on the chair?  A denim journal skirt inspired by Ricë Freeman-Zachary.  I think it will have a fleur-de-lis theme with lots of stamping, metallics and ribbon, like the O, my Heart! skirt.  My daughter wants me to make her one with a black skull.  My little Goth princess!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Halloween is my most favorite holiday, hands down,  it's just plain fun for me, and if I don't make it perfect, Who cares?  It's Halloween. 

Christmas is another matter entirely.  Kids love Christmas - the idea of Christmas - and Santa and presents and lights.  I know I did.  But now I struggle with a sense of crushing obligation and inauthenticity.  I could get into the whole religious dilemma of my household here, but honestly I think the "stuff" and commercialism bothers me more.  If you've found a way to balance the commercialism of Santa with Christ's humble birth that you find meaningful and do-able, please share.

One of my favorite blogs Voodoo Lounge is doing a series on making room for creativity in your life, and her post on "getting rid of stuff" is really sticking with me.  And I'm applying it to my Christmas decorations, too.  All of the fake pine wreaths and garlands (some with fake snow, even)... gone.  Red bows, Santa figurines, and boxes of floral picks will go in the massive garage sale/Goodwill pile as I come across them.  Think of it as garage insulation for the unusually cold season.   Already the season seems a little brighter,  it certainly will be lighter.

Another great blog I love is Magpie Girl, and she has a great post about the holidays here.  You,  ME, get to decide what creates our holiday traditions.  And it's okay if they change as we change.  Language changes, religion changes, life changes.

Are you making any changes to your holiday traditions this year?  I hope they are joyful changes that rekindle your spirit and inspire you for the coming year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So into Sewing right now!

Maybe it's the weather, getting a little chilly here, but I am really excited to be altering, embelishing and remaking my wardrobe.

 I love this purple sweater, but it is a little too short and leaves my back cold.  It needs a soft, sheer, ruffly skirt thingy (technical terms, ya' know) to fancy it up a bit.  I might also embellish the neckline and cuffs, but first I'll finish the bottom and see where that leads me.

I have had this lightweight sweater for ages.  The scarf will be fluttery sleeves (I think this scarf was my Gram's).  A "new" vintage button and some delicate beading around the neckline will make this plain sweater a little more fabulous.

I recently joined an altered artwear group on yahoo.  Check them out!  If you love the magazines Altered Couture or Belle Armoire, you will want to join this group.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 20, 2009

*8 Things: Your Creative Rhythm

My creative rhythms... I've actually been thinking about this alot lately.  Especially in the mornings when I'm so MIS-focused and the kids need to get to school.

1.  I'm a morning-ish person.  I don't wake up super early, but after coffee and reading a little of something, I just want to get to work.

2. Clutter distracts me.  A quick 5 minute pickup around the house and my focus is greatly improved. 

3.  Dust... what dust?  It's taken me years, but I really am letting go/trying to let go of the need for pristine, shiny clean all through the house.  My studio is clean, my kids rooms are war zones.  Set your priorities and choose your battles.

4.  Establish boundaries.  For me, it's my physical space.  Anything that is not mine or doesn't have a reason to be here, gets put outside my studio.  With kids ages 7 and 9 this is tricky, but asking "Does this belong here?" usually works.

5.    Make a plan, and then go with the flow.  I make lists (the hourly scheduling thing doesn't appeal to me), but sometimes I find the thing that doesn't make it on the list - a necklace, a painting, whatever - jumps to the front of my brain.  If I stick to the list I can putter along,  but if I give myself the freedom to skip the list, that other "thing" usually rockets out, gets done and rocks.  I've tried explaining this to non-creative types, but they don't get it.  Maybe it's a procrastinator/non-conformist thing.

6.  Make a plan, and stick to it...contradictions, I know... for the boring stuff.  I've started using a whiteboard on my fridge for meal planning.  These are not gourmet meals, people, but thinking ahead for a dreaded chore really helps.

7.  Accept your creative process may be different than anyone else, find ways to make it work for you.  I jump around between many techniques and mediums and work on several projects at once.  I have at least 5 necklaces in my head, I have pieces for most, but am still looking for some special accents.  So I bought 5 necklace design boards to layout everything, so I can get keep working and spend less time packing/unpacking, moving and sorting the same beads.

8.  Ask for help.  See number 1.  7:00 to 8:30 am are pure torture for me - getting the kids up, dressed, non-stinkified and to school on time is a battle.  Lots of yelling and overall grumpiness because I am conflicted.... I want to get to work, my brain and hands are ready... and they are kids.  Any suggestions for making mornings better for all of us.  Beyond me getting up earlier and making charts for the kids, those I know, I just need to, and WILL, implement.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A blog post about Blogging

Well, friends, I did something kind of sneaky to you.  I installed an invisible "stat counter" on my blog, so I could see if there really was anybody out there... And I found out that there is!!!!!  And it was really easy to do!  So thank you so much for reading the random tidbits, projects and ramblings of my life.

Every so often I need to refocus and get into something new and this time it's blogging.  Of course, for me, starting anything new involves buying books.

First, Diane Gilleland, the creator of CraftyPod, has a great e-book called Making_A_Great_Blog.   It covers all the basics, there is a 8 page worksheet pack, and lots of extra links on her site.    Definitely worth the $$.  After I've implemented more of her suggestions, I will order the e-books on creative marketing and social media.

But I don't think I will ever be a huge fan of the e-book format, because there is nothing that beats the smell and feel of a brand-new book, and this one is Pretty, too...  Blogging for Bliss: Crafting your own online journal, by Tara Frey, has lots of great information, plus eye candy - great photos for her blog and others, interviews with other successful creative bloggers, and tons of cool links to check out.

I have some changes in mind for debvandet designs, based on these sources:  ideas to improve  my photography, new banner,  some more interactivity - like give-aways,  swaps or some challenges.

What would you like to see here?  What do you think makes a great blog?

Monday, November 9, 2009

You Are Beautiful Necklace on White Linen

YouAreBeautiful on White Linen
Originally uploaded by debvandet

I have been learning so much about photography in the past few days. Honestly, it does not come naturally to me, but I am enjoying exploring some of the free editing features on PicNik. I like how the linen texture shows through the transparency.
      The new image, on the left, is much more dramatic.  I used autofix, straighten, adjusted color and contrast. A good  little experiment for a tummy-ache day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Some new goals...

I have been thinking a lot lately about my goals. My fall shows were really disappointing, so I know that I need to refocus my "product" or my attitude. Comes back to that whole art/craft, love/money... grossly simplified into this dichotomy, but I sure many other artist/crafters struggle with this. How do I define artistic and creative success?

Several intense conversations with the hubby ended up with me in tears. I feel I need to make sales to justify my status as an artist and there is so much out there now about marketing that supports the idea that financial compensation validates our creativity. The days of the starving artist are over thanks to the wonders of technology. We can email, blog, facebook, Flickr, Etsy, and Art Fire our way to success. (Those are the only ones I've done - that's my limit :})
Diane Gilleland of Crafty Pod did a great interview with Paul Overton of Dudecraft about crafting for money or passion that really affected me. Go listen! Seriously, go listen... I'll still be here.

So, they inspired me to give myself a break from my previous goal of a show a month (hey - I did 3 in October - that should tide me over and I'll pick up in February if I'm ready). Instead, I am going to focus on making what I want to make, blissing out in my process, maybe playing, not yelling at my kids. And I am going to work on some of my skills, mainly polymer clay, photography, blogging, and soldering (okay, that list could go on FOREVER... there are so many new things I want to learn).

Part of my photography problem is lighting. Setting up everything out on the deck... in Oregon... in the fall equals chilly and very wet, not good for me or my jewelry, so I am making a light box.
Here it is - in process! With the resident cat investigating (my silly iPhone photo) and now sleeping in it. Tissue paper, white or pale gray posterboard, my 2 clamp-on lamps with Ott Lite bulbs and I will be ready to rock!
If you want to make one too, here are the two great links I found:
Inexpensive Light Tent and Strobist $10 Light Box They explain it so well, I don't need to paraphrase for you.

I don't really have an answer to my question: How do I define artistic and creative success? Being artistic and creative are essential to my view of myself and my world, so if I feel artistic and creative, could that in itself be my success?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween "fire goddess" dress

The theme for this year's Halloween was supposed to be Phantom of the Opera, but then in August I had my hair done with gorgeous red streaks (Thank you, Chica!) and the concept changed to match the hair, which is now faded anyway. In honor of the red streaks, I wanted to do FIRE, so then Dyl needed a costume to coordinate, and what could be more perfect than Fire and Ice, Opposites Attract.It's your basic bridesmaid dress, purchased at Brides Against Breast Cancer charity sale. Starting with a pre-made dress and a red dress saved me so much time from spray painting my old white prom dress or constructing a new bodice from scratch.First step, cut out the lining and crinoline at mid-thigh, pin up drape, remove rhinestone accent, and cut jagged edges to be the flames.Then I added a new crinoline of red sparkle tulle to the remaining lining. And crinolines of orange tulle, part loosely gathered and at the slit, tightly gathered for volume. I sewed the orange tulle on folded (machine gathered long edge, fold edge at bottom) and then hand cut the fold apart into flames. The extra scraps were made into flame poofs along with scrap yellow tulle from Aeryn's 3 year old belle costume.The long side drape was pinned various ways and then finally stitched up with more flame poofs tucked in. And I added a red velvet "strap" and a vintage rhinestone pin. The side is accented with a flame sequin applique.
Look, Momo in my pictures ^~^ as always.

Next up... the accessories, and maybe I'll work on making the Ice man look cool too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Charming Exchange Auction

Maybe you don't obsessively read jewelry making books and magazines and blogs like me, but you should definitely check out A Charming Exchange.

Fabulous book, amazing photos, great techniques, tons of inspiration. Listed right now on eBay are the actual pieces from the book, which are being auctioned for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Several of the creators and collaborators in the book are breast cancer survivors and share their stories.

Jewelry-making, self-image, meditation, process, healing, inspiring, giving ... how often do all of these elements come together so clearly.

Check out the charity auction on eBay. Search for A Charming Exchange or Susan G. Komen and check back, new pieces are put on all the time!

But don't bid on this one! I really want it!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Trick or Trick 2009 Ghouls Guild on ArtFire

TRICK OR TREAT 2009: Scavenger Hunt

Do you want to win one of the fabulous prizes donated by the Ghouls Guild?! If so, you'll want to participate in our scavenger hunt!!!!

We promise that the scavenger hunt isn't too hard, and it's super fun!

You have until the end of Trick or Treat 2009 (Oct 13th) to complete the scavenger hunt.

Psst... To help you out, check out the right side of our blog that lists all the Ghouls Guild members! This list will prove to be a huge help in answering the questions on the scavenger hunt!

Good luck everyone!

Happy Haunting... urr.. I mean Hunting! mouhaha!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning glories, morning person...

I used to consider myself a night owl, I guess I had childhood insomnia that lasted into my twenties. But now, once dinner is done and the kids to bed (early for them at 8:30), I'm wiped. My desk is covered with jewelry supplies for lovely Halloween pretties and I can only hope that the Momo cat doesn't discover them, because I'm too tired to put them away and afraid I'll lose my inspiration for tomorrow if I do.

Could I really be turning into a morning person? What's the story morning glory?
"That I walk up my stoop, I pause to consider if it really be,
A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics
of books." Walt Whitman, Song of Myself
Here's to hoping for sweet dreams and blue (but slightly overcast between 3-5 pm when I need to take some art photographs) skies.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show on Sunday

This Sunday - August 9th - I will be at Crafty Wonderland at the Doug Fir Lounge. Bring the kids for the DIY table. They always have a cool make-and-take project. In the past we've made matchbox shrines, chenille flowers and felt fortune cookies.

A new goal I have set for myself is to do a craft show every month. So check me off for August, friends.

Apparently the universe approves my intention to do more Halloween art, since I recently had a lovely visitor to my studio.
The web was so delicate and lovely, you can hardly see it, but I just had to take a photo and share anyways. I put my spider friend outside on the deck and maybe now she's living in some silk ivy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On a hot and sunny Saturday...

I am checking facebook and blogs and wading through email and doing random searches while the kids are grumping. So while it's still cool I'm going to go outside, walk the dog and water and then when it gets really hot I am going to do a tiny bit of art, maybe an ATC or some little hand sewing.

I am going to enjoy this beautiful hot day...

and be content.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Art Classes

This summer I will be teaching several art classes at the Tigard Jo-Ann's store. Mainly for kids, but adults can sign up too.

Jo-Ann’s Kids Papercrafting 101 "Disney Scrapbook," (2 hr) Ages 5 and up. $20. You can do Disney or a different theme for your 8” scrapbook.
Thurs. June 18, 10 am Thurs. July 2, 10 am Sat. August 8, 10 am

Jo-Ann’s Kids Clay Camp 101 "Board Games By-the-Sea," (3 hr) Ages 6 and up. $30. Make two fun games out of polymer clay.
Thurs. June 18, 1 pm Thurs. July 2, 1 pm Sat. August 8, 1 pm Clay Pot Animals

Altered Tote Bag (3 hr) Ages 8 and up. $25. Start with a plain fabric/canvas tote - add fabric, appliqués, beads, buttons, ribbons, trim, fabric paint, pens and more. Use basic hand sewing and express your own style.
Friday June 19, 10 am Thurs. July 23, 1 pm

Treasure Boxes and Creatures (3 hr) Age 6 and up. $25. Make a fabulous (or scary) creature out of polymer clay to live inside your painted and embellished treasure box.
Thurs. June 25, 1 pm Thurs, July 16, 10 am
Sat. July 18, 10 am Fri. August. 7, 10 am

Drawing with Deborah (2 hr) Ages 7 and up. $20/class. Move beyond lollipop trees and stick figures and learn to draw what you see. Sketchbook and basic drawing techniques with pencil. Drawing classes can be taken in any order.
"1 – Still Lifes" Thurs. June 25, 10 am Thurs. July 23, 10 am

"2 - Landscapes" Fri. June 26, 10 am Sat. July 25, 10 am

"3 - People" Sat. June 27, 10 am Thurs. Aug. 13, 10 am

"4 - Perspective" Fri. July 17, 10 am Thurs. August 13, 1 pm

Stuffies (3 hr) Age 8 and up. $25. Stuffies are hand-made, free-form stuffed creatures. They can be soft and cuddly or cool and scary. Basic hand sewing and machine sewing.
Thurs. July 16, 1 pm Sat. August 15, 10 am

ATCs (2 hr) Ages 7 and up. $25. ATCs are Artist Trading Cards. Artists around the world collect and trade ATCs. If you like Pokemon c, Bella Sera c or baseball cards you will love making your own cards (at least 10) to keep or trade and a folder to display them. You’ll use rubber stamps, drawing and collage. Thurs. August 6, 10 am

Polymer Clay Jewelry (3 hr) Ages 8 and up. $25. Make your own beads and learn several techniques for stringing and finishing your necklace and bracelet.
Thurs. August 6, 1 pm Fri. August 14, 10 am

To register call 503-684-5970.
All classes are held at Jo-Ann’s, on the corner of Hall and 99W.

11945 SW Pacific Hwy, Ste 250 Class supply lists will be emailed after registration.
Tigard, OR 97223, Store # 2120 Supplies not included in class cost, purchase at Jo-Ann’s.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Has it really been a month...

Seriously, I hate how time just seems to speed up every single year of my life. So what have I been up to for the last few weeks? ATCs - love them so much FUN!!! Thanks, Tam! Art Literacy - drawing with the kids and learning about Degas, class samples for summer art classes at Joann's, tearing up the house and putting new floors in the bedroom - Pergo Olivewood - so beautiful.

But what happens when you improve ONE thing? You look around and say "Oh, I guess we need to repaint," "Hey honey, why don't you fix the outlet?" "Oooh, let's move the furniture!" "Ooops, we need new drapes since I'm facing the window now!" A wonderful project to start out a whole year's worth of new projects.

Tomorrow, my goal is to take some photos of my garden. Perfection is so far away, but everyday something rewarding is happening. My tiny butterfly rose has flowers half its size... Adorable. My 75% off lilies from Fred Meyer are going strong. And 2 out of 4 apples have tiny fruits, and I have 2 plums! In truth, the squirrels will probably get them before mid-July, just like the figs. I wish they would just eat the whole fruit though.. oh well. Tiny squirrel brains!

Hope you are finding inspiration in your corner of the world.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great artists on the CrAzy TRaiN

Busy as a bee lately... but it's time to check out some of my fellow ArtFire friends. What do I like today?

LaDeDaCreations owner Laura is a groovy hippie chick/day spa owner and amazing polymer clay artist. Having just started making my own polymer clay jewelry, I've got to say WOW! This Handmade Groovy Polymer Clay Pendant is $8.50, 2 inches long and super fun.

Carmon of WooleycreekTribal & Ethnic Jewelry creates traditional Native American bead-work jewelry. Her turquoise pieces are also exquisite. This Spirit of the Mountain Earrings are made with delica beads - very tiny- and took 36 hours to make. Priced at $30, here is the perfect argument for supporting our own American artisans; Fair Trade doesn't just mean overseas artisans. Beautiful work, totally fair prices... we create because we must, out of love and desire.

Bijoux Designs For You is not just jewelry. Mother and daughter team April and Glenda also make beaded bookmarks, wine charms, and kitchen linens. This Brown and Gold Spiral Bracelet is a bargain at $18. Notice the elegant gold tone clasp and beautiful colors.

Here in Beaverton, Oregon, the farmer's market opened today. Wouldn't you just be the cutest with this Retro Paisley Print Reusable Market Bag by Catfluff Price: $24.99.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ArtFire goodies

These amazing buttons are from Handmade Treasures by djstoreroom, another fabulous vendor on ArtFire. Along with vintage buttons, Diana makes adorable zippered pouches and purselets, and she offers tutorials as well.

Silver River Jewelry offers exquisite designs of stone and metal and some vintage styles with modern techniques that totally rock. I love this Crocheted Copper Wire Victorian Style Bracelet. Here is why: it's wire crochet - I can't crochet , just not my thing, it's copper - my favorite metal, it has black ribbon - love that, it has a black and floral cameo. Darling Dylan, if you're reading this, please remember me for Mother's Day.

Creative Cove Jewelry Designs offers elegant and casual jewelry for all occasions. This blue topaz briolette pendant is combined with bali style beads, teal swarovski crystals, and twisted pale aqua quartz beads with silver chain. Love this color, like the sky, robin's eggs, Easter eggs, cotton candy, yummy springtime goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

ArtFire Spotlight on ...

I think I have Spring Fever! But I can get out and garden now thanks to my very helpful allergist, "Take more medicine." Not a solution for hives, but at least it's something.

Accessories by GottjoyThis gorgeous beadwoven spiral necklace by Joyce of Accessories by Gottjoy is a steal at $52.00 (with a sterling clasp!). I imagine wearing this with simple white top and linen pants. The weather is so beautiful here. The turquoise beads are just so perfect for spring and summer. She has other neat beaded objects, including wine stoppers with lampworked beads.

You have got to love Shine Your Hiney Soap - if only for the name alone - if not for her fabulous selection of soap, lotions and .... SUGAR SCRUB. If you have sensitive skin and the generic salt scrubs at the drugstore don't work for you, sugar scrub is a great alternative - no stinging and burning. You can even choose your own scent. 4 oz. of custom scented sugar scrub is only $6:50.Enjoy the amazing spring weather if you're in my part of the world.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spotlight on ArtFire artists

Check out these fabu shops on ArtFire after your Easter craziness is done.

Picard Creative
She makes really cool retro magnets with great vintage images and all kinds of funky sayings.

Alisun'sExquisite jewelry using Swarovski crystals with sterling and gold-filled findings. I love this jet black briolette set. And Alisuns is having 15% off sale until Mother's Day.

Hope everyone is having a joyous and sweet Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


My heart is in the garden, my hands busy with beads and wire, my head makes lists and notes of all else that is not to be forgotten... and I wonder why my voice forgets to sing.

I miss the moments of utter peace and clarity I remember (or mis-remember) from the past, in childhood, as a student, before "Real Life." There is still joy, but I remember when music just came from inside of me and I wonder how to get it back... Maybe the peace I remember from my youth was just unawareness of the complexity and choices and value of life.

I sometimes (okay, often) criticize myself for a lack of self-awareness or self-knowledge, but maybe that's not accurate or fair. Faceted, fractured, inconstant, twisted... like a braid, maybe...

Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning... the memory of spontaneous singing... the hives keeping me out of my garden... the piles of projects in my studio... the metalwork jewelry class I need to get dressed to go to this morning...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More ArtFire Goodness...

The Jewelry Shop at ArtFire has gorgeous vintage and hand-crafted jewelry. The pin above "Sisters and a Bird" is vintage resin - looks like cameo, but that pink color is amazing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful spring weather is making me long for flowers. I love calla lilies, they are so majestic... the thick white petals seem almost too perfect to be real. But I don't have a spot for them in my tiny garden. So a needle-felted brooch will have to do. Visit Caterpillar Peacock to see more amazing cuteness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cool stuff from ArtFire

If I had these last month I'd have better photos up. Seriously! I take my photos on the back deck and it was cold. These are by Pirate Pixie Crew - she's out of England and makes tons of cool hats, leg warmers and my faves - the fingerless gloves. So if anyone wants to get me an early Christmas gift, check her out. Or... I suppose you could buy something for yourself. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Changes, inch by inch, wondering and wandering...

You might have noticed I changed my avatar. This is the basic image I put together: skull (from the halloween stuff that stays out/in process all year, rose, copper fabric, black velvet, and finally learning the macro function. Then I went into Flickr and added some text.
And then had darling hubby Dylan redo the same in graphic converter to split the text into two text boxes... Because I just had to have "designs" in script. Isn't it funny how sometimes an idea just sticks in your head? Nothing else will do. So now I'm pretty happy with it.It's a little spooky, a little girly, has two of my favorite colors – pink and copper (the copper fabric was from a shirt of mine - loved it but it was so itchy!). Having my photo as my avatar just felt too personal to me. And how I look is not me. I am definitely self-conscious about having my photo taken, my voice recorded... it never looks or sounds like me... to me. Apparently the image I have of myself in my head is quite different than the reality captured by technology. Will my avatar stay as the "Rose Skull"? Knowing me probably not for too long... there are too many sides of my personality that I want to express, already I see something missing in this image... there is no green...nothing growing, twining, looping, swirling... the silk rose is static, man-made, the flower of the rose, though, is its most transitory part. See how the contradictions abound in even the simplest things.

This post started in my head as wanting to be about blogging... why do I want to do this, put myself out there. Deryn Mentock recently posted about Artful Blogging and authenticity. My friend Tam also was raving about this issue so I had to get it at my Tuesday Barnes and Noble/Starbucks coffee stop (I will miss that now that my daughter's cheerleading is over).
I can't wait to sit, read, and absorb more of this fabulous magazine. I am hoping it will help me clarify what my goal is: personal exploration, self-promotion, documentation... all of the above. Someone on ArtFire wrote a nice post about reasons for blogging that I will try to link to here.

As I am working so hard on building a business, I want what I do to feel authentic to me. That means being eclectic – I don't think focusing on one product or even type of thing will work for me. That means not starting Twitter or Plurk- because I don't care what I have for breakfast, I can hardly be bothered to track my Weight Watchers points, why should you? The concept does intrigue me, however "Contradictions, again!" so I might change my mind. There are just so many options, choices, decisions, every minute of every day... Twisting, turning, spinning, hoping, dreaming, yearning... the circle never ends...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some beautiful people...

I just have to rave about the ArtFire community. In the month or so I've been working on my shop I've made the acquaintance of so many amazing women - inspiring, supportive, helpful, funny. During the last few days of crazy volunteering at the school - all 500 kids' handmade clay face portrait tiles are up, grouted, jointed, polished... it looks amazing - I have missed following the forums.

3zArt makes decorated switchplates (hey me too!) with cool funky fabrics... they are so bright
and happy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New items on ArtFire - mini memo books

I just added memo books to ArtFire this morning.
5 mini memo books with pens... These are altered notebooks, approx 4 by 3 inch composition books - the ones with the black and white covers. Shiny and new to fill with your questions, comments, thoughts, lists, notes, dreams, directions, doodles....

This is what your mini memo book might look like in 6 months to a year, after the kids have drawn pictures in it and on it, you've torn out pages to exchange phone numbers, made innumerable lists, and spilled coffee over it (and in your purse).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Next generation of artists

My son Ethan -8 years old- loves to make art and all kinds of creations. So since I'm making jewelry 24/7, he wanted to join in. For this necklace he used the tiny metal wire scraps from wire-wrapping, making eye hooks, and my mistakes (oh no!). I knew my little recycling container was a good idea, just didn't know so much good stuff could come out of it. I love the kinetic quality of this necklace. Can you tell Ethan studied Calder in Art Literacy with mom this year?

He selected the props and choose some effects in the first two pictures. Today I learned how to use the macro function on my camera. Yay me! I hope it will make a noticeable difference in the quality of my jewelry photographs.