Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crafty cleanup and Sewing projects

Yesterday, I reorganized my craft/fabric closet and used 10 magazine holders from IKEA to consolidate the huge piles taking over my craft room and bedroom. I love these cardboard magazine holders - they work so hard and you can make them so pretty with fabric or collage.

There is still a lack of space to put the magazine holders, but it's a step toward functionality. The fabric is folded, papers are sorted (and now stacked and stashed), Halloween fabric is in a vintage suitcase, scraps are bagged somewhat neatly, did some labeling, some recycling. Overall a very productive day!

The crazy quilt pillow cover is coming along nicely and I've actually made a dent in my mending and alterations pile. Somerset Altered Couture magazine is a dangerous thing. I want to completely transform my wardrobe after looking at all the yummy artistic clothes embellished with fabric and lace and ... So my pink jeans are in process, which might inspire a change in hair color. Intriguing! Or maybe my hair stripe will be dyed to match our upcoming holiday picture outfits - deep blue to go with the midnight blue velvet/satin and beaded black lace dress I'm making.

It must be the chill in the air, maybe the rain, (who knows, who cares?!) that's inspiring me to get so many projects going. Or maybe it's just a manic pre-holiday phase. My creative juices are surging!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Happenings and Christmas Thoughts

My most favorite holiday is Halloween. As a child I'm sure it was Christmas, but now that I'm on the parent end of the giving, it's just not as much fun. Stress, consumerism, and lies have taken a lot of my Christmas spirit away and getting it back is a work in progress. I am really struggling to find ways to make Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice a meaningful holiday for our family and create traditions that speak to our values: creativity and environmentalism, music, food, family and friends.

Halloween doesn't cause me the same existential stress. I am not conflicted by its pagan origins and consumerism, because I have found ways to make them meaningful for me. We try to throw our biggest party of the year, every year is the goal. The house is completely transformed inside and out. On one level, just because it's totally cool. I love the look, and I get to relive my high school wanna-be Goth desires. As an adult, laughing and celebrating in the face of death, fear, monsters, and all the inexplicable horrors of life seems valuable.

Most of the decorations usually stay up until Thanksgiving, and this year is the same. But instead of completely switching gears to Christmas stuff I'm still working on Halloween projects.

Projects include: hemming my homemade linens, making new pillow covers, dressing my white witch doll, black lace lampshades, the"potions" cabinet, finishing the miniature witches' cottage... And that is hardly a complete list.

Is it possible that this could be the crafting niche I've been looking for? Maybe.