Sunday, May 25, 2008

Projects incomplete...

With so many projects in the queue, it is hard to imagine adding something else, but serendipity, chance, coincidence and fate sometimes gives you what you ask for before you're ready. Gosh, sounds like I'm talking about something really important. . . a new job (or a job), a baby, adoption, but it is nothing that big. It's .....


The local kindergarten usually hatches eggs and I happened to be in the classroom for art stuff when the chicks were almost ready to return to the feed store. After my several questions and obvious interest, Mrs. T asked, "Deborah, would you like to take the chickens home?" And, well, how could I say no? So I am now the proud chicken mama of 2 one and a half month-old Rhode Island Reds, named by the kids, "Jesse" and "Lacey." But Lacey might be a rooster, so I've been calling it "Stripey No Name," so we don't get too attached. Yeah, right.

But, two chickens don't make a flock, so trip to the feed store for supplies ended up with two more chicks: another Rhode Island Red (RIR) with the highly original name of "Little Red" and an Araucana with the most beautiful pale feathers named "Sweetie," however, sweetie she apparently is not.

The new chicks and old are now getting along nicely in their brooder box - a large Rubbermaid bin with my compost screen over top. They occasionally "free range" in my craft room/studio and the big girls have been out on the deck. So, a new project is building the girls a coop and attached run in the backyard.

My end goal is three hens, fresh eggs, bug eaters and high-powered compost. But I really love having the chicks around. They really do have personalities and they are so funny. It is also a miracle to see their amazing instinctive behaviors- grooming, foraging, interacting. There is so much to learn from every living creature. Pictures soon.