Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is flying in ...

Spring break is here. Not that it means a vacation for a stay-at-home, work-at-home, procrastinate-at-home mom like me. I have been involved in some big projects - ripping out carpet, painting floors, painting moldings and doors, cutting holes in the ceiling ("Well, honey, I guess I really do need a skylight there now.") All for my craft room, which I am trying to revamp into my studio.

Here are some before pictures:

I am trying to create a space that is inspiring and easy to work in. My main problem is a lack of space so I have had to seriously edit my supplies and collections. I've moved miniatures to the garage, items to alter are boxed and labeled in the garage as well. I added a shelf for tools near my desk to help keep my work surface cleaner.

Light - painting the floor (brown and cream checkerboard diamond), white trim work, adding 2 lights
(from my Gram's house) and 2 tube skylights (need to buy these) should make a huge difference. The ceiling is a pale blue and the walls are creamy white.

Fabric- my storage closet definitely needs some softening and coverage, same with my sewing table. As much as I would love to go looking for something totally fabulous and new, I will use what I have. The top contender is a wide pink and white stripe with floral overlay- very girly and Victorian. Second choice is French blue toile, which has been in my bedroom and living room. Third choice is red and cream floral and toile which was in my craft room in New York, so I'm really not too into it. The first has the compelling factor of never being used. Poor lonely fabric.

My time however is split between this project and my garden. Yesterday was spent starting seeds and laying out new beds. In Oregon, you've got to get out while the soil is not too sopping wet, so today, which looks beautiful, will be another garden day.

Let's hop to it.

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