Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year, new obsessions

Finally, I am here . . . ready to share my wacky life with the world, whoever would like to join me on this journey - welcome! Since it is a New Year, my resolution is Time Management. I know it sounds horribly vague, but it really is the symptom and cure for many of my persistent problems.

"I don't have enough (or ANY) time to make art, I have too many projects, I can't keep up with the laundry. . . Spelling words? Who has time to cook healthy meals? Exercise!? Spirituality!? Gardening!? Couple time?"

Honestly, life is complicated and we have so many choices facing us everyday. Right now I really should be folding laundry, BUT . . . I need to tell you how addicted I am to my daughter's American Girl doll, Nellie. So cute. . . the clothes, the shoes, the doll doesn't scream when I brush her hair or stick a pin in her (oops!). Damn you, Santa!
Of course, being me, short on cash and high on ambition, I have to make Nellie's clothes and since we are going to Bend next week for a winter vacation, Nellie needs a coat- black velvet with faux zebra trim, an ice skating outfit and warm pants, a sweater and a blue velvet hat.
I have already made Nellie a nightgown of white printed cotton and yellow lace trim with matching felt slippers and a funky gray turtleneck dress. She has her main outfit with the accessories and the cheerleading outfit from American Girl. My daughter, A, has told me that Nellie's favorite color is blue. Good to know! And my niece, C, swears that she saw Nellie breathe, "For real."
My poor boy, E! Or maybe he is lucky to miss out on this doll madness.

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