Sunday, January 20, 2008

Learning curve technology rant

Wah, Wah, Wah! Woe is me! All this blogging stuff is too hard. Just kidding! Jeesh! But the learning curve is a bitch for someone as technologically lazy as I am. I don't have anything against technology. I used to know how to maintain my PowerBook (I am a dinosaur, I know, give me a break already) but then I got married to a techie and now I am spoiled. The only problem is he works too damn much and I don't know how to do didly squat anymore.

I am waiting for the real deal . . . a super, simple little chip in my head that lets me have it all, absolutely seemlessly integrated into my life. Will I be the first in line for this humanity-altering technology? Hell no! I'll let all the uber-techies work out the bugs first while crossing my fingers and half-assedly preparing for a potential takeover by mental cyborgs. I'm lazy, not crazy.

There was a story about this in Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, I think, several (ok, at least ten) years ago. This type of technology created a completely new stage of human evolution. Haves, have-nots, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer . . . So, what's my point? We can't put the genie back in the bottle, and we shouldn't. But seriously, how many cell conversations are totally asinine? Our intellect seems to be less important than our ringtones. We need to catch up and use our gadgets and our minds to do the harder, more important stuff.

I could be talking about politics, world peace, hunger or disease here, but my thoughts are smaller, more localized. I am striving for balance between all the contradictory fragments of the technological world. I can converse with strangers around the world if I choose, but I want to pick a tomato from my own garden, walk my children to school. For me, a life completely focused on one thing, although it seems enviable at times, does not feel possible. The world is just too vast, there is so much to learn. . . like how to post images with my text. . .

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